Documentation center and research laboratories are in service in a two-floor building of 1050 m2 which was donated by Mr. Ersin Arıoğlu, the president of Yapı Merkezi A.Ş. board.

A) Library and Documentation:

There are 1390 books and periodicals about neurological sciences in “Erbengi Library”.  In the documentation center, the information and radiological examination reports of the patients who have been treated since the very first day of the institute’s service were kept. The operation notes and pathology reports are filed and archived annually. These data are available for the researchers.

B) Research laboratories:

a) Neuroanatomy Laboratory: In the laboratory weekly neuroanatomy lectures, twice a year skull base meetings and neuroanatomy projects are performed.

b) Neurovascular Laboratory:  was founded by the effort of Kadıkoy Rotary Club and contribution of International Rotary Foundation and was supported by State Planning Organization and TUBITAK projects. In the laboratory experimental microneurosurgery studies and in vivo / in vitro cerebrovascular studies as well as microsurgery training are performed.

c) Molecular Biology Laboratory: was established in 1999 and is the first laboratory which has its own tumor bank. Since the day of its establishment almost 3000 tissue samples are ready to be studied. In our laboratory “Inhibition of PDGF in tumour development and angiogenesis in cerebral vascular malformations and benign tumors” is being studied. In some of these studies rat cornea angiogenesis model for the first time and newly developed retinal angiogenesis model are being used. In this laboratory many master and specialty theses have been studied. By the researches many scientific articles were published in class A neurosurgery journals.

Our knowledge propagation still pursues between our institute and 5 different national and international institutions, namely Harvard University-Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Yale University-Department of neurosurgery, TUBITAK-Gebze-GMBAE (Gene Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute), Boğaziçi University-Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Marmara University-Faculty of Medicine.

d) Mechanical laboratory: In the laboratory spinal injury models are made up. Many specialty theses have been studied about this subject until now. The studies were published as scientific articles in neurosurgery journals. Moreover, studies about spine biomechanics even now are carried on.

Studies between our institute and Harvard University-Spinal cord Injury center are still being performed. 


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