Mission and Vision


On the one hand, the Institute aims to bring up the diagnosis and treatment methods that are new in the world and that are not yet applied in our country, on the other hand, to focus on experimental studies in neurological diseases and at the same time to raise specialist doctors in this field by providing graduate and doctoral education and to make its voice heard in the world medical literature. The mission of the Institute of Neurological Sciences is to organize and coordinate all kinds of research that will accelerate the field of Neurological Sciences by creating an active, dynamic and multidisciplinary working environment in which experimental and clinical researches related to diseases in the field of Neurological Sciences will be carried out, to train scientists at the international level in this field, to ensure the application of diagnosis and treatment methods in our country and to provide graduate and doctorate education in various subjects of Neurological Sciences. At the same time, to successfully perform Neurosurgery initiatives.


To produce technological and scientific studies at the international level that will offer new and effective expansions in the field of Neurological Sciences, to train academic staff, thus to be an effective and respected science center that sets the norm in the international literature and in the field of health at the global level, and to reflect the inputs to the country's economy and health.

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